What if No One Really Needed Debt Relief?

What if consumer debt in our nation was not a big issue? What if all Americans lived within their means? What if no one was paying higher interest rates to their plastic companions than on the Streets of New York?

What if everyone paid off their entire balance each month? What if the money, which is being paid in interest was instead saved in 401Ks, investments and stocks? What if that money went into real estate or even the bank?

What if no one was living so high on the hog that they were paying interest the wrong way, but rather collecting interest for their investments? What if the cost of living for the average American were down to a level that it was not such a tough grind for them? What if fuel prices were less?

What if those who really could not afford to buy elaborate Christmas Gifts went on the light side of things? What if American families lived within their means and taught their kids to do the same? What if no one really needed debt relief because they never got into the problem in the first place?

What if those had gotten themselves over extended due to an emergency or poor financial choices were able to get themselves out of debt by cutting back a little or going without this weeks must have impulse purchase? What if charging up a storm and shopping till you drop were brought back into a reasonable realm? Do you need debt relief from poor choices you have made? Think on it.

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