What if Debt Collection Was Not Necessary?

What if everyone paid their bills? What if you never had to worry about getting stiffed on the payment for products or services you already rendered in your small business to customers that you thought you could trust?

What if large corporate accounts you had actually paid you on time? What if you did not feel like their bank, each time you called their accounts payable department to collect on a late check? What if the large corporations did not use their vendors as a bank stringing them along and waiting on money they owed for service already rendered and products already long delivered?

What if everyone one who said the “Check is in the mail” was actually telling the truth; while I’ll bet you would be doing the mail person delivering you that money everyday wouldn’t you? What if you did not have to carry everyone else’s float? What if you were not the bank?

What if everyone you did business with honored their contract and promptly paid you on a timely basis? What if that little sign, which says; “Please pay us, so we can pay him and he can pay you!” did not make you think?

What if the government contracts you have paid on time? What if you were not looking at so many larger customers, which were 60, 90 and even a couple which are 120 out? Ah, but what if… What if Debt Collection was not necessary?

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