How You Can Legally Erase Your Unsecured Debts From Your Credit Report

Having debts on your credit file can severely lower your credit score. In fact, just having one negative debt can be the difference between getting approved for a loan, car, or credit….or getting denied.

That’s why it’s important that you check your report regularly. Often times, errors can be made by the credit bureaus and as a result, you get someone else’s bad debts listed on your report. You can’t let them do this, and you have a right to have debts that shouldn’t be on your report erased. The sooner you get the debt erased the better, so you can get back to having the great credit you deserve.

The Cards Are Stacked Against You

Did you know that the credit report that you see when you request a copy from the major credit bureaus is vastly different than the credit report that big banks and lending companies see when they pull a report on your file?

Don’t believe me? Try this. The next time you apply for a loan or other situation where a company is pulling your credit report, ask them for a copy. you’ll quickly see that they will deny that request and tell you to get your own copy from the credit bureaus. Why? They don’t want you to see the complete detailed report that they get, plain and simple.

The credit system is full of little sneaky tricks like this, but you don’t have to be a victim. You should get in action immediately to find debts on your reports, and then get to having them eliminated.

Step 1: Contact the 3 major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union)

Step 2: Request a copy of your credit report (You are entitled to a free copy once per year, otherwise it’s only a few dollars)

Step 3: Review your reports carefully, and compare each of them to the others. Look for debts that need erasing. Make your list, and then get to work researching where they came from.

Don’t be a victim. Arm yourself with the information the credit bureaus don’t want you to have. The only way to win is find out their secrets, then beat them at their own game!

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