How to Fix Your Credit Report

The United States has millions of people each year that have to deal with the headaches of bad credit. So believe me, you’re not alone. People just like you are turned down for credit again and again. Even if you have just one negative item on your credit file, getting it removed could save you thousands of dollars and plenty of grief. It could be the difference between getting approved for credit–or not.

So how do you quickly fix your bad credit? There are two acts that were created by the FTC that serve to protect the consumer. They are called the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and the FDCPA (Fair Debts Collections Practices Act). These two acts are what makes credit repair possible.

What these acts do is hold your creditors legally responsible for recording accurately every item that’s found on your credit report. The first step is to get a copy of your credit report for a $29 fee. Do a search online to find out how to order it. Also keep in mind you can order your report free once a year. Then go down through your report and look for accurate or erroneous items that should not be there.

If you prefer, you can hire any legitimate credit repair company to do the same to save you time. They will go through the negative items and work to get as many of them legally removed as possible. Things that can typically be removed are items like late payments, outdated or inaccurate information, judgments, collections, etc.

The law states that any information on your credit report that contains inaccurate or negative items must be removed if the creditor cannot substantiate it with proof of accuracy. A good credit repair company will dispute any negative entries with the credit reporting agencies and have them removed. They’ll demand written confirmation of the deletion and then a copy will be sent to you as verification of the removal.

Here’s an example. Let’s say your credit report shows you have late payments on a particular credit card account of yours. Once you dispute the item with the credit bureaus, if your creditor cannot provide evidence that the item is an accurate entry, it must be removed.

Now here’s the good news. If you dispute an accurate item on your credit report and the creditor can’t provide sufficient evidence for the entry, it also has to be removed. So there are cases whereby accurate items can be removed as well.

Your next step is to select a reputable credit repair company. But here’s the sad part. Almost every credit repair company on and off the net charges as much as $500 or $600 (Some even over a $1,000) on average to “attempt” to repair your credit simply by charging you monthly fees that add up month after month. Sounds harsh, but it’s reality. The truth is though that it’s worth that, honestly it’s worth twice that.

Imagine every month paying $200 less on your car, or on a new car. Or saving 6% on your next loan. What if your interest rate on your credit cards was 10% less…would it be worth $500 or $600 then? Of course it would. But repairing your credit is not rocket science. So paying someone close to a thousand or more just doesn’t make sense.

I have found one credit repair company that is very different, very affordable and will quickly fix your bad credit. They do all the work for you. They dispute all three major bureaus (Transunion, Experian, and Equifax also known as CSC ) for six months, at a price you can afford, with award winning quality service. You can expect to see results within as little as 45 to 60 days. In fact they are so confident in their results, they guarantee they will improve your score otherwise they will refund you 100% AND they’ll give you $50 for wasting your time!

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