Discover Why Business Owners Choose Debt Elimination

Even the most well managed businesses today experience
billing disputes, contract disagreements and account
discrepancies. Unfortunately, many of these disputes wind
up in court where business owners not only pay high
attorney fees and court costs, but also experience great
levels of stress and a loss of time and revenue. With so
many negatives associated with the process of litigation,
is there any other way business owners can resolve their
disputes without having to go to court?

According to Peter A. Robben of Burke, Jenson & Rose, a
business debt elimination firm in San Diego, California, a
growing number of companies and individuals are choosing to
negotiate instead of litigate for their billing and
contract disagreements. “Going to court because a vendor or
supplier did not make good on their promise can create
immense cash flow problems for your business,” says Peter
Robben. “In addition, it could result in lawsuits, liens
even bankruptcy. However by choosing debt elimination, you
can bypass the court system, saving you and your company a
mountain of difficulties.”

The anger alternative – Confrontations between vendors and
suppliers often begin with personal misunderstandings or
insults. Unless there are proper and open lines of
communication, parties in dispute often remain at a
stalemate. However, because debt negotiation incorporates
problem-solving, consensus-building and effective
communication techniques, much of the anger and hostility
often experienced between two disputing parties are
diffused. “It’s a good debt elimination specialist who
incorporates patience and communication with open-ended
questions to determine how the dispute originally
occurred,” says Robben. “By stripping away angry and
negative emotions, misunderstandings can be brought into
focus so a solution can be made which can restore business
relationships and produce a healthier bottom line for

Settling out of court – When does a business owner need a
debt elimination professional? “When you’re in a dispute
with someone, when all lines of communication are poor and
when it doesn’t look like things with be resolved,” says
Robben. “By bringing in a third party ‘mediator,’ the
tedious legal jargon and time consuming procedures
associated with litigation are eliminated.

As evidence is heard from both sides of a case, the goal is
to come up with a decision or acceptable agreement that
both parties can live with.” Because debt negotiation is so
effective in focusing on the resolutions of problems, more
and more businesses nationwide are including arbitration
clauses in their contracts. “Another bonus is that debt
negotiation settles disputes on a contingency basis,” says
Robben. “That means there is no fee in the unlikely event a
settlement cannot be reached. Plus, there is no billing by
the hour and no charge for administrative services. What’s
more, debt elimination takes the dispute out of the Courts
and public records so no one knows there ever was a dispute
in the first place, thus protecting your business

Court: the last resort – Because millions of law suits take
place each year in the U.S. judicial system, it could take
months, even years before a court case ever comes to trial.
“With lawyer fees that can run from $10,000 on upwards to
$100,000 or more, business owners who settle their
differences in court find themselves wiped out
financially,” says Robben. “A bank levy could be imposed on
your business accounts or liens placed on your property
and/or other assets. As a result, litigation is often
accredited with bringing about a downward spiral of a
business rather than the vital restoration of one.
Therefore, businesses in dispute should only resort to
legal counsel when it is genuinely warranted and then
strictly on a results-only-basis.”

Whether your company is involved in a $2,000 or $80,000
dispute, debt elimination can not only save your business
time and money, it can help you find common ground to stand

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