Credit Counseling What Is It?

If you are in difficulty financially, you have in all probability heard the term “credit counseling,” however do you understand what it is? Most times this term is used in the same sentence as debt negotiation or debt settlement, however in fact, it is an entirely dissimilar procedure. With credit counseling, you will in fact work with a credit counselor to pay off your debt in smaller, monthly payments that you can manage to pay.

The people mainly likely to require credit counseling are those who are getting troubling telephone calls from bill collectors, or whose accounts have gone to collection agencies. If you feel that you may benefit from using a service like this, please read the following outline of the best approach to work with a credit counseling service.

Foremost, you’ll want to be able to identify a good credit counseling service, and not fall prey to one of the numerous scams that are out there. Start by avoiding any ads that guarantee you fast fixes for your credit report-quite basically, there is no such thing. Instead, look for a reliable company accredited by Consumer Credit Counseling Services.

Then, you’ll have to meet with your credit counselor, and supply them with all of the information of your debt. Don’t be tempted to leave anything out because he or she will require that information in order to produce a workable re-payment schedule for you.

Now, you’ll get to sit back and allow the credit counselor to work for you. They will get in touch with all of your lenders and notify them that you are trying to create a plan that will permit you pay off your debts. They will work with them all and coordinate a re-payment plan that you can live with. Oftentimes, they will be able to lower your interest rates in order to allow for lesser payments.

A number of credit counseling services offer a debt management system. What is it? Instead of having to keep up with all of the payments yourself, you will have the choice of submitting one lump sum payment to the credit counseling service and they will do it for you. One note of warning here: there have been instances of a credit counseling services missing their client’s payments, and if that happens, your credit report will suffer for it. Knowing that be certain to check out the company carefully before signing up for their debt management program.

What will you pay for all of these services? A reputable company will only charge you a small fee, somewhere in the region of fourteen dollars per month. That’s an additional means to recognize if you are dealing with a scam operation-if they want a lot of money up front, it’s almost a guarantee that they don’t have your best welfare at heart.

You must be aware that working with a credit counseling service can do some harm to your credit report. On the other hand, for the most part people who are at the stage in their financial lives who would even consider such a move, would most probable gain from it. After all, it’s a great deal easier to explain away a sincere endeavor to get your finances in order than it is to explain a bankruptcy or a report full of charge-offs

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