Adam Khoo quotes that will help motivate you if you’re in a bad situation right now


Some of you might be going through a rough patch right now.

You might be having issues with your relationship, or your job, or have a large organisation trying to wind down your father’s company, and in the process, using your name, which could result in bad marketing for your own company.

Just very general problems.

To counter this negativity, you need to get some motivation in your life.

One way is of course, to close your eyes and think of how much a disappointment your are to your parents.

We wish!

Not all of us have the money to pay for motivational speakers after all.

So the next best thing to motivate you are quotes from the king of motivation himself, Adam Khoo.

Motivational quotes from Adam Khoo

1) To see opportunities, you must have a positive and open mindset. Opportunities never look like opportunities. They always come disguised as problems and challenges.

So if you are having problems with school, or can’t seem to land a job, or risk getting some bad PR because your name was mentioned a few times in a Straits Times article, know that this challenge is just another opportunity.

2) Remember that you cannot always control the events and circumstances of your outer world. However, when you control the inner world of your thoughts, emotion and actions, you determine the outcome that unfolds.

That’s right. Even if there are articles in 2009 stating that you took over your dad’s advertising company in 1999. Who cares about the outer wold? As long as you control what you think, you can pretend as if you had incredibly little control over the company.

3) The extent to which you take responsibility over something is the extent to which you take control over it.
This is true in both extremes. One could theoretically take full responsibility of a situation, and would therefore, no matter how horrible the scenario is, be accountable for all the changes that has to be made.

However, the reverse would be true.

A person could technically take no responsibility, therefore, not take control of a situation at all.

The person could choose to present himself as an innocent bystander who had no control over anything, and place the blame on everyone else, clients, economy, newspapers, anything.

Thus, you will only ever have to take credit for your successes and shrug off any accountability for your failures.

Yay! Motivated.

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